DARE, an acronym for Developing the Art of English, is the English club of INSCAE but “dare” also means to challenge to perform something to prove the courage. So do you dare to join DARE?

Everyone knows that speaking English is an essential skill for every business student. This is the main reason why DARE exists. Joining DARE will help INSCAE’s students to improve their language. For you, readers, who think that being a member of DARE is more work with your study that is all but easy, you are wrong. DARE’s members know how to have fun. Since English is not just about business but a whole culture, DARE’s activities are not focused on school or business. DARE’s staff are offering different activities that cover your daily life, and they are trying to innovate as much as they can to give the best.For example: debate, games, role playing, quiz…  It is important to highlight that sharing is the bottom line of DARE’s activities. It is to say that members are allowed to join whether they are good or not in English. So if you are interested in don’t hesitate to come to our meeting the door is wide open.

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