Master of Administration (Core curriculum)


Objective of the programme: Specialization in Business Administration


Entry Requirements:


Required diploma:


The training is for:

  • holders of a DSSAE issued by INSCAE;
  • holders of a degree in Management or Economics with solid business experience in the field of marketing.


Admission Process:

  • For INSCAE graduates: registration forms to be withdrawn and returned to INSCAE
  • For non-INSCAE graduates: pre-selection from registration files to be withdrawn and then returned to INSCAE followed by a written test on the following topics for pre-selected candidates:


                                      Management summary (3h);

                                      General knowledge (3h).


Course Syllabus:


The training includes theoretical courses which are spread over two semesters on the following teaching units (TU):

Semester I:

TU1 - Marketing Module (14 credits)

TU2 - Management Module (03 credits)

TU3 - Management Control Module (04 credits)

TU4 - Law, Computer Science (06 credits)

TU5 - Entrepreneurship Module (03 credits)

Semester II

UE6 - Marketing Module (12 credits)

UE7 - Management Module (08 credits)

UE8 - Management Control Module (03 credits)

UE9 - Mathematics Module (07 credits)

Teaching methods:


  • Courses taught by visiting professors from IAE Poitiers, INSCAE and professionals;
  • Theoretical courses, case studies, group work, individual or group oral presentations, followed by ongoing assessment of knowledge and written examinations.


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