International Management

After one year of common core course within the framework of Master Administration, the training program leading to Master International Management contains studies lasting for one year including six months devoted to theoretical courses and six months of professional internship in a company, culminated by the Master’s degree which is co-issued by INSCAE and IAE of Poitiers (France).


  • Objectives of the programme:

The programme generally aims at training skillful managers on all operations related to international development of companies.

At the end of the study, the participants will be able to:

  • organize in a methodical manner international development operations of companies;
  • know how to manage multicultural logics encountered during operations carried out beyond the national borders;
  • adapt organizational logics to the strategy of internationalization adopted by companies.


  • Entry requirements:

The training is for:

  • holders of a DHESAE awarded by INSCAE;
  • students from Master 1-Option Administration of INSCAE


  • Course Syllabus:


The training contains theoretical courses (spread over the first 6 months) and a professional internship in a company (during the second semester) for the preparation and completion of the final dissertation.

The program comprises the following teaching units (TU):

TU1 - International Accounting and Finance Module (08 credits)
TU2 - International Marketing and Strategy Module (12 credits)
TU3 - International Management Module (10 credits)
TU4 - Internship and Thesis module (30 credits)


  • Teaching methods:


  • Courses taught by visiting professors from IAE Poitiers, INSCAE and professionals;
  • Theoretical courses, case studies, group work, individual or group oral presentations, followed by ongoing assessment of knowledge and written examinations.


  • Graduation:


The degree is awarded to students who:

  • have followed the lessons diligently and have an overall score of at least 10/20 in order to be admitted to prepare and support the final dissertation;
  • have the required minimum mark (10/20) at the defense of the final dissertation.
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