Master Research in Management Sciences


The training program leading to Master Research in Management Sciences/ University Degree contains studies lasting for one year including six months devoted to theoretical courses and six months of professional internship in a company, culminated by the Master’s degree which is co-issued by INSCAE and IAE of Poitiers (France).


  • Objective of the programme:

The objectives of the training are:

  • to prepare students to make a doctoral thesis in Management Science
  • to facilitate the analysis of tools and methods of management presented in professional Masters.


  • Entry requirements:

The training is for:

  • holders of a professional degree from INSCAE (International Trade, or Marketing and Strategy, or Human Resources Management, or Accounting-Control-Audit, or Finance and Banking Management, or Management Control and Operational Audit), in which case the participants will be exempted from the TU2;
  • holders of a DHESAE, and / or a DESCA or a DHEF, and / or students from Master 1 of INSCAE, who enroll in a professional Master in accordance with their specialty.


  • Course Syllabus:


The training contains theoretical courses (spread over the first 6 months) and a professional internship in a company (during the second semester) for the preparation and completion of the final dissertation.

The program comprises the following teaching units (TU):

TU1 - Tools and Methods Module
TU2 - Professional Master Module
TU3 - Internship and Thesis module

  • Teaching methods:


  • Courses taught by visiting professors from IAE Poitiers, INSCAE and professionals;
  • Theoretical courses, case studies, group work, individual or group oral presentations, followed by ongoing assessment of knowledge and written examinations.


  • Graduation:


The degree is awarded to students who:


  • have professional master’s degree;
  • have followed the lessons diligently and have an overall score of at least 10/20 in order to be admitted to prepare and support the final dissertation;
  • have the required minimum mark (10/20) at the defense of the final dissertation.
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