Master in Financial Management

  • Overall Objective of the Training Programme:

In order to meet the expectations of companies and financial institutions to have within them quality executives able to understand and master all the tasks in the field of finance and particularly the DAF and in the context of the switching to international 3-5-8 system currently implemented, INSCAE of Madagascar offers, in partnership with the Institution of Business Administration (IAE) of Lyon, a Master training leading to "Master in Financial Management». This partnership involves the joint degree of students from this training.

This diploma allows students:

- to have a good command of methods and tools adopted in the field of finance;

- to become real professionals in the work of a DAF.

  • Entry Requirements:

The training is for:

  • holders of DESCA or DHEF issued by INSCAE;
  • students from Master 1-Option Finance of INSCAE

An ad hoc committee is responsible for assessing, in a written test and an interview, the skills of the shortlisted candidates (CV, cover letter and legalized copy of the diploma).


  • Course Syllabus:

The program comprises the following teaching units (TU):

     TU1 - Finance Module (122h)
     TU2 - Accounting-Control-Audit module (140h)
     TU3 - Transversal module (65h)
     TU4 - Internship and Memory (15h)
     TU5 - Language (15h)
     TU6 – Conference


  • Internship and Final Dissertation:


A professional internship of at least five months must be done by the students after the training period. It will be the subject of the final dissertation which is supervised by a teacher from INSCAE or, as far as possible, by a teacher from IAE Lyon.

The professional dissertation must make it possible to assess the author's ability to develop a reflection using the theoretical and methodological contributions acquired during the training and to restore this knowledge as part of an action program.

It will be defended in front of a jury composed of three members (the president, the pedagogical supervisor, the professional supervisor).


  • Control of Knowledge:


  • Continuous control of knowledge

    A test or examination of each course is scored out of 10, 20 depending on the duration. To be admitted to prepare the final dissertation, the student must have attended the courses diligently, and have an overall mark of at least 10/20.


  • Defense of the dissertation

    A score lower than 10/20 at the defense of the dissertation is eliminatory.


  • Calendar


    The notice of selection for the year 2017-2018 is started from 01 July 2017. Registration forms are to be withdrawn from the Director of Studies of INSCAE; note that the deadline for the inscriptions is on 31 July 2017.


    The courses will begin in September 2017 and will end in March 2018. A class session lasts in general 03h.
     Classes are held every day from Monday to Friday, and for 07 to 10 days blocked for courses taught by a visiting professor.


    The defense of the dissertation will be done in October 2018, and the deadline for submission of the dissertation to the Direction of Studies of the INSCAE is in September 2018.
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