Master of Business




Faced with the needs of executives and business leaders, to acquire greater skills in the field of business management, INSCAE offers a training leading to the "Master of Business Administration".

This program allows students to:
• develop their skills in diagnosing a problem and analyzing it and then proposing an appropriate solution;
• methodically organize business development operations;
• deepen and integrate knowledge related to the discipline;
• foster the development of skills and abilities to effectively intervene in the business world and in different environments;
• to specialize either in the field of finance or in the management of SME( Small and Medium-sized Entreprise).


1. Level required
Master's degree or equivalent degree with 3 years of relevant professional experience as a manager or executive.
2. Intake steps
• Pre-selection from the registration forms (to be withdrawn and returned to the Institute's Pedagogical Service)
• Written test
• Interview



The curriculum includes 09 modules (consists of some 45h subjects or some 22.5h subjects):

- The first 04 modules programmed in the first year, 04 following modules programmed in the second year and 01 remaining module in the third year

- Compulsory internship after Module 5

- Module 06: Beginning of the preparation of the final dissertation

- Module 07: Submission of the  topic of  the final dissertation validated by the educational supervisor at the end of Module 7 - one of the admission requirements in Module 8

- Mandatory project defense at the end of the course

Module 01 

General organization of the company 22,5h

Management principles 22,5h

Accounting 45h


Module 02 

Financial Management 45h

Human Resources Management 45h


Module 03 

Cost accounting 45h

Economic environment 22,5h

Legal environment 22,5h


Module 04 

Production and supply management  45h

Quantitative methods 22,5h

Project Methodology 22.5h


Module 05 

Marketing 45h

Information Methodology 22,5h

Leadership 22.5h


[Beginning of an internship in a company]

Module 06 

Project management 45h

Total Quality Management 22,5h

Management Informat ° System 45h

Beginning of the preparation of the dissertation


Module 07 

Common core:

  Policy and strategy 22,5h

Change management 22,5h


Optional subjects:

Taxation 45h FCE *

Entrepr.-Creativity-Innovat ° 45h SME *

Project Financial feasibility 45h PJT *

Presentation of the topic of the dissertation validated by the educational supervisor



Module 08 

Optional subjects:

Economy of the SME  45h SME *

Psychology of SME 45h SME *

Optional subjects:

Management control 45h FCE *

Budgetary and cash management 45h FCE *

Preparation of the dissertation

Optional subjects:

Project Planning and Control 45h PJT *

Module 09 

Common core:

International management 45h

Optional subjects:

Capital markets / fin. intern. 45h FCE *

SME Management 45h SME *

Optional subjects:

Design and feasibility 45h PJT *

Project marketing



[Defense of the dissertation]

(April 2016)

* Options:

FCE: "Finance"

SME: "Small and Medium Enterprise"

PJT: "Project Management Concentration"



The faculty is composed of:

  • according to their origin: national and foreign experts;
  • according to their profession: core faculty and senior business leaders.

The applied pedagogy uses the active method:

- Effective contribution of course participants;

- Individual work, case study preparations, presentations ...

The means implemented include powerful teaching tools such as computer science, audio-visual ...




For recruitment for the year 2014 - 2015:

Registration: from 01.10.14 to 31.10.14

Preselection: Week of 05 Nov 2014

Written test: Week of 11 November 2014

Interview: Week of 18 November 2014

Academic entrance

January 13, 2015

Tuition fees

  Please inquire at the Institution

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