Full-time Studies (FS)

  • Entry Requirements:

To enter to the first year of the full-time studies, the applicant must:

              - pass written eligibility tests (Psycho-technical test, French, English, mathematics)

Duration of each test: one (1) hour

              - pass admission tests: from 02 Oct 2017 (Preparatory classes and Evaluation tests - Interview) compulsory;

Profile: opened to students under 25 years old on 1st January 2018 and hold a baccalaureate: C-D-G2-S-ES-FTPG-STG-A2 *
(*) mark obtained in mathematics at the baccalaureate must be > = 12/20

  • Delivery Mode: full-time training; divided into two annual sessions:
        - Session of January: January to May
        - Session of August: August to December


  • Study Process: the study lasts for 3 years including two years of Common Core (fundamental & advanced) and one year of specialization.

              - Basic program: first year

              - In-depth program: second year

              - Specialization program: third year


  • Transition from one session to the other: obtaining a weighted average score of 12/20


  • Course Schedules: from 07:30 to 10:30 and from 13:50 to 16:50.


  • Number of hours of each subject: 45 hours (15 sessions of 3 hours including 2 sessions devoted to intra-semester and final examinations)


NB: Different rates for foreigners (Please inquire at the Institution).

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