(Direction du Perfectionnement aux Affaires


It is a technical direction in charge of the design and the organization of the qualifying training. It has

Been founded in order to help the enterprises and administrations in their development efforts while trying to identify problems and meet their needs. For  more  than  20  years  of  existence,  more  than  20  000 certified coming from several hundred companies, public organism and organizations have benefited from the proposed modular trainings. The mission of DPA is directed towards two major axes:

1. To create a true help between a Management School and an entrepreneurial environment.

2. To  elaborate  tools  of  management  in  accordance  with  the  organization  especially  the  very rapid evolution of this environment as well technical as cultural.

To carry out its mission, the DPA adopts as an approach for the achievement of its tasks:

  • A listening role which has a true psychological assistance as its implications are prove to be essential and enable to identify questions and the true needs of the participants.
  • An accompaniment allowing  participants  and  companies  to  improve  in  their  job,  to  be even more competitive in their respective field.

Underlying these actions, the DPA provides:

  • Resources people who have both experiments and expertise. Indeed, the DPA calls upon

experienced  professionals  to  supplement  the  expertise  of  the  permanent  professors  of  the

  • adapted tools including the documentations attached to each module, a well-equipped library
  • the continual use of New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC)
  • Training classrooms adapted to exchanges (very enriching for the participants.)
  • a compatible approach  of  training  to  the  target  people  who  are  operators  and  managers  of companies and organizations.

The DPA’s method is « Acting towards business » in the fulfilment of its activities. Two ways are proposed:

1. Intervening  in  inter-enterprise  where  the  training  is  set  up  according  to  the  needs  of  the

Entrepreneurial surrounding.

2. The intra-enterprise method which the training is devoted to one enterprise. The curriculum is

Built according to the needs of the enterprise.

Thanks to its networks, as well national as international, the DPA intends to remain the leader in the knowledge and the analysis of socio-economic tissue therefore it detects quickly the opportunity of training to be offered to companies and organizations. Thus, it intends to keep its role as guide for change and privileged partners for the revival of the economy and the research of excellence.

In addition, to the extent that the Institute intends to contribute its share to the development of the

Nation,  the  DPA  set  up  training  modules  intended  for  the  Public  Organizations both at the central and at the decentralized levels (central government units and departments, regions, municipalities, etc…)

These  last,  especially,  cannot  be  treated  any  more  as  simple  territories  made  up  of human,  cultural,  economic  and  social  activities. They are a space of convergent stakes which must extend over the long term.

These modules help executives and politicians in the public entities to perform tools that ensure « the Performance of Public Management".

The DPA is committed for more than 10 years in a quality approach, it has also permanently adapted to its environment by leaning on strong values:

  • Proximity of the customers (in order to support reactivity, flexibility and personalized answer);
  • Professionalism of the internal teams, guarantor of service quality, whatever the concerned field;
  • The spirit of contractor of training, supported on a permanent approach "to think about change".
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