BRAIN : Bureau de Recherche pour les Activités Innovatrices

 (Research Office for Innovative Activities)

Since research is an indispensable complement to training, INSCAE has set up a laboratory research named BRAIN, which holds a privileged place within the institution and is animated by teacher-researchers.
Several international symposiums have been organized on various topics, namely:
       • "research on the company service ", 1994,
       • "What strategies for the company at the beginning of the third millennium", 1997,
       • "The issues and challenges of the globalization of markets", 1999,
       • "entrepreneurship in a dynamic context", 2000,
       • "new management approaches to regional integration", 2001,
       • "management sciences at the heart of development", 2005.

It’s a question of cross-cutting issues which remain relevant today. Besides, the Institute hosted the 10th Scientific Days of the Entrepreneurship Network of the Francophone university association on "Entrepreneurial Changes".

In connection with the establishment of the Doctoral School, BRAIN is naturally a research laboratory and in the last 3 years, the supervision has contributed to the completion of research work for the PhD, and several PhD students regularly present the progress of their research.

INSCAE, without necessarily displaying it, marks a constant presence either at the level of the executive, or at the legislative level by its teachers and / or its graduates. In any case, it influences the current of the history not only by training future leaders but also by formulated recommendations in the context of consultancy activities with public, parastatal or private organizations. The local environment effectively encourages strong involvement in the sphere of power in order to demonstrate an ability to anchor on reality and to demonstrate pragmatism beyond theoretical debates required by academic rigor.

Furthermore, while the traditional orientation of INSCAE has been marked by accounting and management, it has quickly become enriched with entrepreneurship


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