News #10

I questioned my future steps, how I could help my country

“When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this: you haven’t “ Thomas Edison.

There is a world outside filled with possibilities, for everyone, regardless of what you started with, and what you want to become. I studied here, at INSCAE until I graduated with a Master’s degree and took my first steps in my career as an accountant. Eventually, I questioned my future steps, how I could help my country, myself and get off the beaten track. Those were the years where my interest grew for Financial Distress and the contribution that I could make to tackle this matter in Madagascar.

For this purpose, I applied to the Chevening Scholarships: a full-ride scholarship, the best type of scholarship that one could dream of, but it was more than that. I was offered to study in the United Kingdom: land of the most cutting-edge research, an inexhaustible source of academic resources, inspiring lectures or modules no matter what you choose to study, and an extensive network of alumni whether scholars or students. I studied in England and graduated with a Master of Science in Finance and management from the University of Exeter, a public research university and part of the Russell Group.

I urge you to consider English-speaking countries whenever you are thinking of education abroad, they are among the countries offering several scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. And even if you do not choose to pursue further studies anywhere else, I urge you to consider mastering English, as a response to our island opening up to the world, just stay curious.

The world is constantly changing and most of the resources we might need, the changes brought upon us will require us to be ready. Accounting and finance jobs are now undergoing changes more than they have ever been. I strongly believe youth in Madagascar has a lot to offer, but that comes with hard work, and you can start now.

Miarotiana Andriatsirofomaniraka



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