News #13


Chartered accountant's job
- All matters relating to accounting
- Auditor and auditor at company level
- Advised legal
- Accompanist in the field of finance and accounting
- Launch of the company’s projects and the development of investments in the financial situation
- To establish funding records, to talk about accounting or even an information system

Academic background
In addition to specialized university studies in accounting at INSCAE and the internship in accounting expertise, the profession of the accountant requires behavior recalled by the code of ethics and professional conduct towards his colleagues or his clients and in relation to the public

The accountant is indispensable in the life of a company : " L’expert comptable est la personne qui connaît le mieux l’environnement économique "

In : L’HEBDO de l’Express de madagascar From March 8th to 14th 2019
By Tsiory Fenosoa Ranjanirina